December 4, 2011

Andy from Occupy Exeter Advocates Social Justice

Watch a video in which Andy Marlow of Occupy Exeter advocates social justice, and deplores inequality

Andy and Jim discuss social justice and inequality

We here at rather fortuitously found ourselves filming events on Exeter Cathedral Green on the afternoon of Sunday 27th November 2011. After filming a conversation with photographer "Stone" Naylor we then listened to Nicci Wonnacott from the International Women's Arts Group explain why she had helped organise the Women Occupy Exeter "happening".

Amongst many other things Andy told us that:

There are homeless people and people who do have homes to go to… camping out every night here.

Mainly we're here because we're against financial inequality, but it's also an attempt to show an alternative model of democracy. A more direct and participatory form.

There is no leader… Everyone has as much authority as everyone else here.

We are against inequality, and we're for social justice.

To watch and listen to the complete interview, please click here.

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