May 13, 2014

Ann Daniels on "How to Become a Polar Explorer"

Ann Daniels was born in Bradford, but now lives near Exeter. In this video recorded at TEDxExeter 2014 she explains how her first visit to Dartmoor led her from being a mother of triplets to becoming a leader of Polar exploration expeditions as well:

Apart from that Ann also enquires:

What's the point in finding out this [scientific] information… if we don't do anything with it, if we don't change the world, if we don't tell the people that are not scientists?

She also explains that she first learned about ocean acidification from Pen Hadow on the 2010 Catlin Arctic Survey expedition:

Of the carbon dioxide we emit, around 30% goes into the oceans. It's always happened… and the oceans have been able to act as a buffer, but at a cost. Since the industrial revolution this has been changing the chemistry of our oceans. In the Arctic Ocean already they're becoming more corrosive, and it's already causing problems with the minutiae of the ocean. As the carbon dioxide goes into the salt water it forms a weak acid called carbonic acid and this is what's causing the problem, and it's a huge problem. What we can do about it?

Answering her own rhetorical question Ann suggest 5 small things that can make a difference:

  1. Use your car less
  2. Make your home energy efficient
  3. Use green energy
  4. Buy locally, and plan your meals so you don't waste food
  5. Don't use bottled water

Make the small changes, for the world you live in.

Hear, hear!

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