August 17, 2008

The First Three econnexus Projects

Today announced their first three projects.

To help raise funds we have started two projects. The first is our 2009 Calendar, which we will start selling from December 1st 2008. Until then we will be running a competition to select 12 works of art to be included in the calendar. If you are a visual artist and you would like to find out more about entering the competition please take a look at the entry instructions and video at the econnexus 2009 calendar project page

Then there is our "Water Connects Us" album, which we will use to raise funds by listing the tracks on iTunes and similar music download websites. If you are a musician and you would like to discuss including a track of your music on the album please get in touch using our contact form. You can listen to the tracks contributed so far at the econnexus "Water Connects Us" album project page

Finally there is our Econometer, a project which could benefit from any funds raised. This is an open source project (free as in “free speech”) to develop a multi-language OBD II compatible fuel economy meter based on a very low cost hardware platform. This will allow drivers worldwide to easily and cheaply monitor their driving style so as to improve the fuel consumption of their cars, and thus reduce their fuel bills and their personal carbon dioxide and other emissions. For more information please go to the econnexus Econometer project page.

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