September 17, 2008

Hurricane Hanna Helps Out in Our EcoDriving Video

The remnants of Hurricane Hanna arrived on the shores of South West England last weekend. Hanna still packed a bit of a punch, as you can see in this video that we shot at Woolacombe on Sunday:

I took the opportunity to inform any interested YouTubers out there about some of the things that have been going on here on the econnexus blog over the last two or three weeks. I hope they can hear me over Hanna's growling in the background.

Here's the point though. If you're a regular surfer off the coast of North Cornwall or North Devon you know in your bones that something is changing. When we were shooting our last video at Putsborough I was chatting to a surf instructor in the line up. Before I had a chance to mention EcoDriving, or Eco anything for that matter, he told me he'd never known a summer like it. Much less sun and much more swell!

This is what swells in the Caribbean looked like back in February 2005:

This is what they look like in September 2008:

Here's how Hanna arrived in Woolacombe via Haiti:

National Hurricane Centre graphics archive for Hurricane Hanna.

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