Award Winning Photographer "Stone" Naylor Joins Occupy Exeter

Royston "Stone" Naylor is a photographer who has won awards, not least for his coverage of the John Peel stage at the Glastonbury Festival for the last 21 years. Here he explains to us why he will be pitching a tent on Exeter Cathedral Green later this week and joining the Occupy Exeter movement:

The music from the video is available on the econnexus "Water Connects Us" Haiti Relief album.

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November 29, 2011

Propellerhead @ 12:08 am

OMG get a windshield for your mic, and don't put your subjects in the sun.

Sarah @ 7:07 am

Funny really. Ive seen Stone at a few festivals over the years, a chronic ashmatic eh?….who smokes dope like a chimney. Also against capitalism…clutching a very expensive camera.
Another benefit claimant telling us the system is wrong…but still wants his Babylon money.

November 30, 2011

Jim @ 4:10 pm

Hi Propellerhead,

Thanks very much for your suggestions. If you read our full introduction, you'll discover how we came to be filming Stone on Sunday. Amongst other problems on the day, we don't possess any windshields for the built-in microphones on our HandyCams.

Kasia advised against it, but Stone preferred to stand in that spot.



Jim @ 4:18 pm

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your comment. I'd never met Stone until a few minutes before recording that interview with him. He didn't explain the causes of his asthma to us.

From what he did tell us that camera is an essential tool of his trade, or should that be his art?

Stone also told us that he refused housing benefit in order to prevent his (presumably by now ex) landlord receiving substantial amounts of taxpayer's money whilst refusing to provide habitable accommodation.



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