Jean-Max Bellerive

Jean-Max Bellerive, Prime Minister of Haiti

November 9, 2010

Cholera Outbreak Confirmed in Port-au-Prince

The BBC reports this evening that the cholera outbreak in Haiti is now entrenched in the capital Port-au-Prince:

Doctors are treating 73 people for the disease, amid fears that it could spread across the quake-hit city. Dozens of suspected cases are also being investigated in Port-au-Prince, which has feared an outbreak since October.

At long last the mainstream British media are doing some in depth reporting. Here's Channel 4's Jon Snow on the ground in Haiti, including an interview with Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive:

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February 17, 2010

Haiti Homeless Demand Shelter

The chart below shows month to month variations in the climate at Port au Prince, the capital of earthquake stricken Haiti.  Look carefully at the dark green "precipitation" graph:

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti Climate graph contributed by

The month of January when the earthquake hit is the driest of the year. By the time May arrives average rainfall is seven times as much.

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