September 2, 2012

Totnes Community Wind Farm Seeks Planning Permission

The Totnes Community Wind Farm is one of a variety of projects that the Totnes Renewable Energy Society (or TRESOC for short) are involved in which address what they describe as:

The critical need for commercially viable, localised renewable energy technologies

The wind farm project has just taken another significant step on it's long road to:

Provid[ing] the electricity demand of around 2,500 homes per year

Following a long local consultation process, which included a coach trip to visit the first ever UK commercial wind farm at Delabole in Cornwall, South Hams District Council have now received a formal planning application from Infinergy for:

Two wind turbines (hub height 64m, tip height 99.5m) to generate 2.3MW per turbine, South of Langridge Cross, Harberton, Totnes

A couple of months ago TRESOC were one of the organisers of "The Great Wind Debate" about the pros and cons of renewable energy in general, and onshore wind power in particular, which took place in the Great Hall at Dartington.  A number of videos are available of that event, and the final question put to the panellists was "What will our grandchildren say?". Here are their answers:

As chair for the evening Jonathan Dimbleby had the last word. Amongst other things he said that:

I hesitate to think whether they will be in a position to  put questions to us. I hesitate to imagine the world in which they will be.  A world of societies which are dislocated, of movements of people, of disturbances that we do not yet fully understand.

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September 2, 2012

Kasia @ 9:24 pm

Excellent as usual…….. thanks for the info.

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